Our core business is spare parts for petrol, gas and diesel engine that help any type of vehicle to run better. Automobile, commercial and industrial vehicles, buses, earth-moving machinery, naval vessels: each type has specific features and for this ERB has an answer for each. “The very heart of movement” is our guiding principle; we work with passion offer quality. This commitment goes far beyond simple product supply and standard services; we propose and suggest  web-links, videos, automotive magazines and technical instructions relevant for parts installation. Top quality for a service that definitely makes the difference.



Made in Italy has its specific value well-known around the world: a requisite of quality and skill in creating manufactured products that nowadays is still highly sought. For ERB, being Italian means to know how to work not only with products but also with small to larger companies. To know how to communicate with different realities, at any level, in order to find flexible and versatile synergies. We are promoting abroad the authentic values of our country, both through the services and artisan products that we offer.



After many years that our spare parts serviced have been at the heart of the engine, we formed this conviction : that even the companies, themselves comprised of elements in dynamic relationships with each other, need a special maintenance.  For this reason, ERB’s offers to Customers and Suppliers solutions at 360° solutions regarding strategic advisor, management, employee motivation, human resources, business welfare, and coaching. Above all, in ERB you will find people just like you, always ready to offer personalized to-fit business advisory solutions – more than quality, as always, we put our heart.



The principle that ERB follows is first of all the aspiration to provide harmony. Like the components of an engine that work together with harmony, we consider our personal relationships in the same way. That is why ERB is constantly looking for concepts and solutions for the wellness of everyone. This responsibility is oriented to work conditions and solutions for the wellness of the individual – an undertaking certainly oriented toward the workplace and working conditions, but also to the overall concept of living wellFollowing the principle of placing the human being at the center of the horizon, ERB dedicates its creativity to the development of new ideas. If you have an idea, a particular objective,  or you are searching for a partnership, talk to us.  Whether you are looking for a specific product, easy or difficult to find, or whether you need an exclusive and special service, in ERB you will always find your “wellness supply”.



ERB supports the activities of “Salus Pueri” foundation of the  Children’s Hospital of Padua University. This pledge aims to support the Newborn Intensive Therapy, a department that due to its nature,  constantly needs innovative equipment and implementations. In such way, ERB fuses together two vocations that depict it best: sustain technological progress and the joy of giving, a wellbeing that helps ourselves and children who are our future.

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